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King Of My Bedroom

This is an Album written in my bedroom. It includes some Voice Notes & Demo's. Songs written in love, in grief, in disgust, in hope, and in optimism. It celebrates life and creativity as a whole. Briefly shining a light on some observed problems happening in the world. It's chilled and thought provoking. So please listen carefully, enjoy, and remember we're all here for a small time and are equally valid in this world consumed by everything that makes us human.

All Songs Written & Performed by Joe Nix aka The Ring Tailed Lemur With Added Production from Tim Ross aka Cashybear Artwork by Cassie Gregory aka RandiBoBandi In Partnership with Heartistry.

One day a vinyl will be created of this album. Once this digital collection sells out then a presale for it will begin.

It's Joe's 1st album & Heartistry's 1st release. As well as the 1st ever NFT Album release in the UK of it's time (02.08.2021)

You can get: Lots of Points in the Heartistry Game & Exclusive performances/experiences.

Jul 2021
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