Play Design - American Football Formations

The 12th of November in 1892 is the date of a never to be forgotten moment in sports history. Allegheny Athletic Association football team was the first to openly pay a player $ 500,- in a game against rivalry team Pittsburgh Athletic Club. It was the start of professional competition and the birth of American Pro Football.

None of these first two teams exist today, but not without long forgotten reasons. One player had to give up his spot in the team for the hired professional, but got traded something special for his compliance. A subtle silent fell as the first ever set of American Football tactics, that where scribbled on an old deck of poker cards, passed on to him. Changing football forever.

As for the cut player, he became the most successful coach in American Football history. As for the deck, all we know is that 28 formations remained, and the box read two simple words… PLAY DESIGN.

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