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Kasumi Genesis Collection

Kasumi is an artist ahead of her time. Her award-winning work precedes the CryptoArt movement and can be seen influencing its numerous styles such as glitch, data moshing, and looping animation.

Kasumi's Genesis NFT series pulls the viewer into images that provoke memories in infinite ways. Their looping moving images remind us that the pieces from which we construct our current reality are already within us as the memories of movements, personalities, expressions, and gestures. The works' simplicities hide complexities, the way fractals, by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop, depict the infinitely complex patterns of reality. These works consist of single gestures that are multiplied, staggered, and exploded through time - not just a deconstruction of individual gestures, but a representation of the sum of its parts - with themes and patterns emerging, association and potentialities that undulate through space and time.


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