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Karma VIP Allow List

NOTE: Karma costs 0.5 ETH to mint for everyone: VIP, Allow List, and public mint.

Karma on OpenSea:

This collection is the VIP Allow List NFT for the OCM Karma mint. Details below:

A. Mint Date is June 29, 2022. VIP Allow List Mint time begins 12:01 AM Eastern (9:01 PM Pacific on June 28) through 9:00 AM Eastern.

B. The VIP Allow List mint period starts before the regular Allow List period. (Regular Allow Lists are from or partner giveaways. They are oversubscribed, and are not guaranteed.)

C. This VIP Allow List NFT guarantees 1 Karma mint per NFT during the first mint period (the NFT will be burned), at a cost of 0.5 ETH each.

D. The Karma mint price is 0.5 ETH and is the same for all VIP, allow lists, and the public mint.

E. VIP Allow List NFTs were airdropped to the OCM community so that they can invite others to the Karma mint.

F. Mint website:

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