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Jonny Melon Editions

I visited Cuba in January of 2020 and one early morning I took a stroll around Old Havana with my camera in tow. My first impression was that everything seems to slow down in Cuba, almost as if time has just stopped.

As I continued to get lost in the labyrinth of Old Havana, I came across this young boy sitting behind the wheel of a classic car pretending to drive, seemingly without a worry in the world. As I poked my camera through the passenger window, he threw a curious stare down the barrel of my lens, and at this moment I captured this photograph.

Sometimes in life, there’s no knowing where we’re going and there’s no certainty of what tomorrow holds. But in a positive light, we are still here on this earth, we are still breathing, and we have the choice to create magic today!

I think it’s important to remember that at whatever stage of life we are in, we should be playful, stay curious, and not take life too seriously.

Artist: Jonny Melon | Editions: 50/50

May 2022
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