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Jadu Jetpack

Jetpacks that unlock the power of flight for your Web3 avatar in Augmented Reality. Get access to the beta app.

Ownership gives you a seat on the Jetpack Council, a committee in charge of reviewing Jadu community grant proposals from a 1M+ community grant program.

Signature Series: Trippy

With $44M raised to date, Jadu is a team of designers, technologists and creatives building an ever-evolving AR game world. Currently, the app is in private beta where we add new AR gameplay on a regular basis. Soon beta testers will gain access to the world's first multiplayer AR combat game.

2nd Collection:Jadu Hoverboard, designed for your avatar to cruise in AR.

3rd Collection:Jadu AVAs, AR-ready avatars designed in collaboration with legendary film director-producer Michael Bay

Sep 2021
Creator earnings
  • Type: Trippy