Jack Riley, Shanghai's Notorious Slot Machine King Tokens - Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This collection features 3 unique tokenized original E.T.R. slot machine tokens - each from one infamous Shanghai nightclub. Only combined does their unlockable content reveal a pass phrase to the 4th token: the last of it's kind grand Shanghai gangster prize!

Shanghai, 1930s: It was a haven for outlaws from all over the world: a place where pasts could be forgotten, fascism and communism outrun, names invented, and fortunes made—and lost.

“Lucky” Jack (E.T.) Riley was the most notorious of those outlaws. An ex–U.S. Navy boxing champion, he escaped from prison and rose to become the Slot Machine King of Shanghai. “Dapper” Joe Farren—a Jewish boy who fled Vienna’s ghetto—ruled the nightclubs. His chorus lines rivaled Ziegfeld’s. Shanghai was their playground for a flickering few years, a city where for a fleeting moment even the wildest dreams could come true. - From Paul French's book "City of Devils"

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