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In Between by Adi Spiegelman

About this collection

Audio Galleries presents 'In Between' by Adi Spiegelman, the fourth artist edition in partnership with TIMEPieces by TIME.

Adi is a former professional tennis player and model from Israel. She has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Teen, and ELLEment, and has worked with brands such as Armani, Swarovski, and Diesel.

This piece is inspired by the dissociation Adi experiences. She has Borderline Personality Disorder, triggered by PTSD from experiences in the military and from modeling around the world from a very early age. To Adi, painting is a healing process and tool.

You can learn more about this and Adi's work with Audio Galleries during a live Twitter Spaces on Thursday 13th July. Link:

Minting this piece will go live 30 minutes into the Spaces, and last for 72 hours.

Holders of the Audio Galleries Mint Pass who purchase this piece, will be rewarded with the airdrop of a second artwork by Adi. Join the Audio Galleries Discord for more information.

Meet Adi Spiegelman

Adi works out of her studio in Los Angeles, USA. Painting and graffiti are primarily a source for healing - and Adi is incredibly excited to share more of her story - as well as two wonderful artworks with you and the Audio Galleries Audience.

Artworks by Adi Spiegelman
Artworks by Adi Spiegelman