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Imperfection at Peace

A suspended leaf, long gnarled stem, roots are growing, a plant is born. Water flows in, calm and silent, more plants have grown, dancing bubbles. Waves on the surface, sliding shadows, the soil regenerates, a pond in spring. Drops of rain fall, colors are shifting, a strange sphere appears, traces of life.

Imperfection at Peace is a generative art series of 128 unique editions, artist curated, and created for the exhibition Reconciliation with the Living Part II.

The curation process for this collection was ongoing throughout the development of the series. The algorithm used to create the artworks changed significantly between the first and last output, resulting in a diverse range of pieces that reflect the discontinued paths, hesitations, and accidents.

Imperfection at Peace is a quiet place, a mirror made of artificial nature, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own fragilities. Lots of artists are shy with their creative process and in-progress works. Just like us, as human

Jun 2023
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