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I Spy Star Family

I Spy Star Family is a play on the 'I Spy' book series & my original travel photos.

This collection is to bring more belief & awareness around the idea that intelligent life has always been a big part of the existence of this planet.
It is my belief that we all come from star origins & that our galactic family has been helping push our species forward since the beginning of time. I hope someday they will visit us as frequently as they used to in the past, as we learn to not fear these beings & welcome them as family.

Owning a piece of the collection allows you to be a member of the Star Family private Discord group to discuss all topics of this nature & chat with the artist! Yay community!

Each specific photo will only have 11 variations. Collect 3 + of any in this collection & submit your own travel photo to the artist to be edited to join the I Spy Star Family. Collect all 11 variations & the artist will hand-paint you that photo!

Thanks for joining the fam! :)


111 items