Hugamonsters are amigurumi - a Japanese word for small stuffed crocheted or knitted toys. Because each Hugamonster is unique, 1 NFT = one physical piece.

These cute little creatures have a history - Hugamonsters have been around for over three years supporting social services organizations, making classrooms full of children happy, and just generally making people smile - especially me when I hear stories about their travels. (Hugamonsters have the best stories!)

No two Hugamonsters are alike. Some burst into the universe with joy and lots of energy, others are shy and hide behind the shadows to sneak out and hug you when you most need but least expect it. You never know which one will pop up next..unless you watch closely!

They're overjoyed to be here now, with you, and so, so ready to go on new adventures. Where will you take yours?

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