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HORSE KING Collection

HORSE KING tells the story of SNOWY 'Thunderbird' THE STALLION. Born under the early morning stars. Born with one blue eye and one brown eye. Son of the HORSE KING Apachi. SNOWY has a mission . He wants to stay a Stallion King in the human world. And not been caged or locked down. And lead his tribe of horses to big green fields and life in Freedom. HORSE KING gave his vision to his caretaker Ange Beau to connect the earth life and the Meta and all dimensions of life. To gather a big tribe to complete his mission . A Forever home with large meadows and land.

The Horse King collection was created/photography by the Artist Singer Songwriter Ange Beau /Angelique Beauvence. Every Horse King thumbnail is an unique and exclusive Artwork to inspire . To become a part of the HORSE KING mission . All profits will be gained for the mission . To purchase their Forever Home and ‘ to let HORSE KING SNOWY "Thunderbird" tribe run in freedom ‘

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Jan 2022
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