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Hidden Stories: Chapter One - Sight of Hand

We all have our own journeys, and with that, our own stories, the ones we wrote ourselves, the ones others have written about us, and the remnants of those passed down to us by others. These stories and moments shape us, and they leave traces of themselves behind as they silently whisper their secrets into the world.

Through the power of the blockchain and my Hidden Stories contract, we created a beautiful convergence of my photography and my fascination with hidden stories, allowing collectors to leave their traces behind by adding their own hidden story to each HS NFT they own.

These stories will be cemented onto the blockchain, with another story being added every time they pass hands, connecting us all.

For years we've been tucked away behind masks, covering ourselves. Yet our hands are even more exposed than ever. I felt the need to dive deeper, isolating the traces of hidden stories upon our hands.

Sep 2022
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