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Grumbies Eternal Entry

About this collection

ERC 721

Welcome to Grumbies! The Grumbies Eternal Entry is dropping exclusively on OpenSea. With our mint you are actually getting access to TWO collections. After the mint a snapshot will be announced and holders of the Eternal Entry will be airdropped a Grumbie granting them access to the initial Grumbies Genesis Battle, a game BUILT AND READY ON DAY ONE.

If you sell your pass before the airdrop, you won't get the second NFT and you will feel sadness :(

In addition to the Grumbies Genesis Battle, the Grumbies Eternal Entry will give holders access to all future endeavors in the Grumbies universe. The goal of the Grumbies Eternal Entry is to allow users to access an ecosystem of future Grumbies NFT games, each with their own unique dynamics and gameplay. Follow our Twitter and turn on notifications to learn how you can earn allowlist spots and for all project details.

Items minted1,500
Grumbies Genesis Battle

Watch this video below to learn how to participate in the quest for ETH in our first game, the Grumbies Genesis Battle!

Intro to The Grumbies

This mint is for the Eternal Entry Pass which is a collection of 1,500 NFTs that get you preferred access and discounts to future games and experiences. Our first experience is the Genesis Battle which is a customizable NFTs trait elimination survivor pool where winners can claim an ETH prize if they survive! By minting the Eternal Entry you will automatically get the Genesis Battle NFT if you hold it for the snapshot shortly after mint.

The Grumbies project was created by Metaseed Labs, the development team behind Alien Frens, Vinnie Hager's "Letters", The Pals by Sean Webster and many more projects in the NFT space.

The Mission & Future Experiences

Our mission is to break away from the traditional pfp model & develop the Grumbies universe into a unique brand and experience through innovative gamified smart contracts and interactive NFT experiences. Be sure to mint your Eternal Entry to get access to all of our future experiences.

After our Genesis Battle stay tuned for Glizzy King! We've created a unique game to win ETH where NFT holders fight for glizzies against other holders!

How To Participate

Each Genesis Battle Grumbie will consist of a subset of traits all generated on-chain. After mint, we will open a trait bazaar where holders can upgrade traits from two categories: headgear and outfits. By purchasing these traits, Grumbies art and metadata will be dynamically updated! Upgrading traits increases a holder’s chance of winning Genesis Battle. All traits are priced the same, even though they have different rarity to prevent people with the most money from winning.

How To Win

We will leverage Chainlink VRF to choose a verifiable random number every few days which corresponds to a specific trait. The chosen trait will be eliminated. The rarest traits have the lowest probability of being chosen. To win, you must have at least 1 non-eliminated trait when the battle ends. There will be a token lookup feature where you can check on the status of your Grumbie at any time.