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Grotesque Heads. Mauricio Yauri

About this collection

Welcome to a new chapter in the history of NFT art!

This collection stands as a premier showcase of how Phygital NFTs function seamlessly. Each NFT in this limited supply of 25 pieces represents a one-of-a-kind physical artwork.

As the proud owner of one of these NFTs, you will have the privilege of receiving the physical painting, expertly delivered by our dedicated NFA artist.

"Grotesque Heads" is an exclusive collection featuring 25 meticulously handcrafted portraits by the extraordinary artist, Mauricio Yauri. What sets this collection apart is the truly captivating process behind it.

Mau created each painting with his eyes closed, relying solely on his memory and boundless imagination. He didn't gaze upon the canvas but instead let his intuition guide him, forging a unique connection with each piece.

These portraits capture the essence of globally renowned and celebrated individuals. Notably, 5 out of the 25 portraits are exclusive crypto expert renditions, specially painted by Mau for NFA.

Spanning the years 2022 to 2023, this collection has been showcased in private exhibitions, for close friends and family. The physical artworks are now available for discerning collectors like you to own and cherish.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this groundbreaking journey at the intersection of art and technology. Invest in a piece of NFT art history today!

Technique: Pastel on cardboard Size: 42x30 cm Year: 2022 - 2023

64% minted16 / 25
Why is it unique?

The Grotesque Unveiled: Mauricio's Artistry and the Play of Emotions

The essence of the grotesque permeates every realm of art, save for the serene landscapes. It thrives on radicalism, an unapologetic departure from strict boundaries, where one emotion seamlessly transitions into another, humor can seamlessly transform into satire, and comedy can evolve into tragedy.

The impressions gleaned from Mauricio's artworks are undeniably ambivalent. His paintings possess the unique power to both allure and repel, incite contemplation, and trigger recognition—sometimes even from memory, just as the artist envisioned it.

"My mission," the artist elucidates "is precisely to evoke contradictory emotions. What may startle and confound one viewer will inevitably intrigue and enchant another."


In contemporary usage, we often employ the term "grotesque" to describe anything out of the ordinary, exaggerated, strange, unnatural, monstrous, or illogical—essentially, anything that defies easy classification.

The tools and components of the grotesque are incredibly diverse, making the quest to pinpoint the precise boundaries of the "grotesque" concept both challenging and ultimately futile. This is because the very essence of the grotesque lies in the obliteration of constraints, the embrace of variability, and the constant state of transformation—what one might call "radical fluidity."

Elements of the grotesque can be found in virtually every form of art, with the exception, perhaps, of the serene landscape. The grotesque genre, by its very nature, thrives on radicalism.

Simultaneously, it refuses to be confined by rigid boundaries, allowing one emotion to seamlessly evolve into another, humor to morph into satire, and comedy to transition into tragedy.

Artistry of Mauricio

The Enigmatic Artistry of Mauricio: A Study in Grotesque Magnificence

A certain trait, when magnified, grants us the keen ability to discern the archetype.

Illustrated by the intriguing grotesque heads crafted by Leonardo da Vinci, we can begin to fathom why the grotesque has eternally captivated artistic souls.

It is a rebellion, a protest, an act of defiance.

Mauricio, an artist shrouded in mystery, crafts his masterpieces through the interplay of resemblances, often providing us with vivid glimpses into the realm of metaphors. These paintings possess an innate naturalness, rendering them easily recognizable.

At first glance, these drawings may appear as if the hand of a child had guided them. Yet, these are genuine pastel paintings on cardboard—a testament to the embodiment of artistic liberty.

Euphoria Unleashed: The Captivating Collection of Mauricio

This collection bestows a profound sense of joy upon the soul. Jose's artworks, radiating with brightness, positivity, and a touch of humor, are nothing short of a breath of fresh air—a spirited game of youthful hide and seek. It appears as though the artist effortlessly crafted these pieces, as if the strokes flowed effortlessly from his hand with eyes closed.

Is this perhaps a new form of artistic innovation?


1 lucky minter will receive a portrait of Vitalik Buterin - Founder of Ethereum.

Thread Guy

1 lucky minter will receive a portrait of Thread Guy - crypto/nft influencer.

CZ Binance

1 lucky minter will receive a portrait of CZ - founder of the Binance.


1 lucky minter will receive a portrait of NFT god - famous NFT/crypto influencer.

Leon Abboud

1 lucky minter will receive a portrait of Leon Abboud - NFT influencer.