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Granville Street Life - VOL 01

It’s August of 2021, here in the beautiful Canadian west coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and people are finally beginning to emerge from the longest quasi-hibernation of the last one-hundred years…

As we begin coming out of our self-created burrows and mandated isolations, we begin to rediscover that which many of us took for granted; human interpersonal and social interactions.

One of the many places in Vancouver this is on full display is Granville Street. Walking up and down this mixture of classic and modern mecca quickly lets one spot some of the eclectic personalities to inhabit this social arena.

Some are out ready to party and celebrate, whilst others still appear withdrawn, still seeking that solitude they’ve become accustomed to over the last 18 months. Others still have been forced to face a new, harsh reality of being without a place to call home, and instead call this street home.

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