Glitch and Glyph

I see the world around me as a network of interlocking systems. This structural, holographic awareness can be exhausting, so I started drawing, inspired by Zen calligraphy, to navigate that vision with a refinement, through a gentler lens. As contrast or complement, I have also pursued digital painting to depict the fullness of the world with layered and complex colors that are drowned out without the mind's ability to simplify sense data and constuct reality.

I am drawn to super-saturated, impressionistic images, but the complex textures in my work start as simple drawings that capture a moment or concept, and then a layered digital painting follows which is then filtered through a variety of image processing tools. I comb through hundreds of iterations to select the right layers. Those are all composited into the finished piece, and then in the case of NFTs, the layers are brought to life.

NOTE: When each piece is sold, I will use the revenue to burn the remaining supply.

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