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NFT Impressions - Glimpsing Ether

We are all connected to each other and to something else: the ether. We can experience a glimpse of the ethereal through music, meditation, prayer, and art. It does not matter where you are when you hear an amazing piece of music or view great art, you are glimpsing the ether—a deeper structure, the divine, the incorporeal soup we all exist within.

The experience of connection is difficult to describe in words. The ether is all around us always. I am in it when I am making art which means I am in two states, physical and nonphysical, at the same time. I am unaware of time. Space is relegated to my focus. Spacetime becomes blurry.

This collection of work is an exploration of that elusive yet tangible place. More specifically, beauty that can be found when you just shift things a bit. The ethereal is all around and by adjusting your focus you can get a glimpse of it. This body of work is a documentation of the ethereal glimpse for myself and for anyone who chooses to look for it.

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Mar 2022
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