Gideon Store

The Gideon Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Casper, Wyoming- 2021. Our mission is to inspire free speech, interest in literacy and language arts through the sport of battle rap.

We see battle rap as one of the most powerful tools to provide intellectual stimulation to our fans using one of the coolest forms of entertainment, a hybrid of sports and Hip Hop. Battle Rap is a growing sub-sector of the multi-billion dollar Hip Hop industry that is currently at peak popularity.

As a way to grow the sport of battle rap and achieve our mission, we are launching our own application. Gideon is a streaming and gaming platform for the battle rap industry wherein users can watch live & pre-recorded battles, vote on the winner, betting, fantasy gaming, shop and more. We serve the battle rap leagues of the world of which there are over 800 globally.

Our NFT store will be the home for buying, selling and trading Gideon NFTs.