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Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB

About this collection

Audio Galleries presents Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train by ArinaBB.

Missed Yet Another Generational Wealth Train is a striking artwork that speaks to the experiences of crypto traders and NFT creators who may have missed out on opportunities to generate significant wealth through these markets.

The central focus of the artwork is a screaming figure in a hoodie and a train, representing the opportunities for wealth that can pass by quickly in the fast-moving world of crypto and NFTs.

The piece encourages viewers to consider the potential consequences of missing out on these opportunities, to be mindful of the risks and benefits of this rapidly evolving industry, and to remember there is always another train coming.

Join Arina and Benjamin White from Audio Galleries for Episode 15 of Audio Galleries, Artist Editions, which goes live 30 minutes before the public open edition mint on Friday 16th June.

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Holders of this open edition piece (green) and the Audio Galleries Mint Pass, will also receive a second, special edition (black) of the artwork.

Meet ArinaBB

Arina found that after a period of intense reflection the blank canvas would come alive, even before laying a single brushstroke on the surface.

Not unlike a sculptor, the time spent in meditation leads to a heightened space of spiritual awareness that allows the blank canvas to come alive before her. When working in acrylics, Arina will first outline the various details of the painting, lending a ‘stained glass’ quality to the overall image.

Besides the use of vibrant, bright colours, one of the signature elements of her paintings are geometric motifs placed on the forehead, signifying the presence of the soul’s inner world. The colours and shape of this motif changes depending on the movement of her intuition after time spent in meditation.