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The Gazes of Papua 2011-2023. Jose Luis De Juan

About this collection

"The Gazes of Papua" (2011-2023)

This is the first collection of physical paintings with NFT certificate. Each holder of the NFT (Supply: 16 pcs) will get a physical painting.

Paintings from the collection "The Gazes of Papua” include a selection of artworks from exhibitions

"Papua" (2011), "Ab Origine" (2012) and "Aborigine" (2013),

as well as several small-format paintings and collages (2020-2023).

"The Gazes of Papua" offers a deep connection with the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea, a civilization that entered the consciousness of the Western world in 1930. In less than a century, this vibrant culture has undergone a profound transformation, unwittingly parting with cherished customs, culture and identity. Our collection strives to bridge this gap and immerse ourselves in their world, allowing their unique point of view to speak to us.

Do we see their soul through their soulful gazes, or do they reflect our souls in their eyes?

But let's go beyond words and let these mesmerizing images tell their extraordinary story.

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Jose Luis De Juan Barcelona, 1961

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spain.

Dedicated to art, and especially painting, since the late eighties, he has exhibited his works at various solo exhibitions, as well as at painting competitions and group exhibitions, both in art galleries and in cultural halls and public institutions.

Solo exhibitions: from 1989 to 2023, 13 solo exhibitions in private and municipal galleries of Valencia

Group exhibitions and painting competitions: 1989-1993 more than 25 art events in Valencia 1994 Madrid, Valencia 1995 Valencia 1996 Valencia, Castellon 1997 Valencia 1999 "I am reading the IV Biennial of Pascual Thomas".

Traveling exhibition in Alicante, Denia, Benidorm, Vinaros, Castellon, Vila Real, Paterna, Sagunto, Lilia, Valencia, Torrente, Gandia, Hativa, Alcira, Engera 2012 First National Prize in the field of painting of the Valencian Rotary Club 2013-2014 Valencia 2019 Ourense 2020-2021 Valencia

2022 Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA

2023 Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, UAE

Awards and mentions: 1990 First Prize of the II Darts Festival in the Taverns of Valdinha, Valencia 1992 First Prize of the II Painting Competition in Masamagrella, Valencia 1994 1st Prize "Clear Artist" in Suek, Valencia Finalist of the III Sollana Prize in Painting, Valencia 1996 Work "Acquisition of the XVIII Venus Prize in Painting", Almenara, Castellon 1999 Nominated for the XXI "Venusian Prize in Painting", Almenara, Castellon

Work in public institutions: The best Pinakothek in the Taverns of Valdigny Massamagrel City Council Swedish City Council Almenara City Council Gazeta-Art Funds of the Castellon Deputation

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, a charming country in Oceania, remains one of the least visited countries in the world, making it a place for adventure. The country is known for its lush jungles, indigenous tribes and unexplored wonders of nature.

Discover the Intrigue of Papua New Guinea Through Art

Step into the enigmatic world of Papua New Guinea with our captivating collection of paintings inspired by its rich culture and traditions.

Have you ever wondered about the purpose behind the Papuan war paint? It's a symbol of status, a shield against malevolent spirits, a preparation for sacred rituals, a deterrent to enemies, and a storyteller of heroic exploits and family size. This war paint not only struck fear into the hearts of adversaries but also fortified the warriors themselves, instilling the right moral mindset.

When these vibrant paints adorn their faces, they seem to leave only their eyes exposed. All other facial features blur, allowing their souls to shine through their expressive gazes. The Papuans, it seems, seek to conceal their thoughts and character, revealing them solely through their eyes.

Living amidst volcanoes, fiercely defending their territories, and even sculpting bodily reliefs with the aid of parasites, the Papuans exude strength and resilience. Their powerful gazes captured in our paintings will empower you to conquer each day with unwavering determination.

Bring the mystique and strength of Papua New Guinea into your life through our unique art collection.


Over the course of a decade, the Gazes of Papua collection has graced numerous prestigious exhibitions.

This remarkable collection has not only garnered effusive praise from discerning critics but has also ensnared the hearts and minds of its viewers, who have been captivated by its ability to forge profound connections through its brush strokes.

The artist, in return, has been showered with heartfelt appreciation from the audience for transporting them to distant, vivid realms through these transformative eyes.

Allow the steadfast gaze of a Papuan figure to inspire and invigorate your daily journey!



Mixed media on paper Size: 15 x 10 cm


Mixed media on paper Size: 14,5 x 20,5 cm

Interesting facts

Linguistic diversity: Papua New Guinea boasts 851 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse country in the world.

Biodiversity: Despite the fact that Papua New Guinea occupies only 1% of the Earth's land area, it accounts for 5% of the world's biodiversity, with an abundance of marine flora and fauna.

Third Largest Rainforest: Papua New Guinea is home to the third largest rainforest in the world.

Unique bird species: The country is home to one of the few poisonous birds in the world.

Ethnic Diversity: Papua New Guinea is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, with hundreds of ethnic groups.

Cultural groups: There are more than 1,000 cultural groups in the country, each with its own customs, weapons, costumes, music, architecture and dancing.

Rural population: Approximately 80% of the population lives in rural areas, leading a traditional tribal lifestyle.

Volcanic activity: The country is part of the "Ring of Fire" and often experiences volcanic activity.

Ancient settlement: Indigenous peoples have lived in Papua New Guinea for more than 50,000 years, and historical evidence dates back 9,000 years.

Tribal initiation: Tribal initiation rituals involving unique traditions are still practiced in some communities.

Mount Hagen Cultural Show: The Mount Hagen Cultural Show is a well-known tourist attraction, featuring rituals, cultural displays and traditional ceremonies from more than 75 tribes.

These fascinating facts give an insight into the rich culture, biological diversity and unique features of Papua New Guinea, which makes it an intriguing destination for travelers