Gaudifond Arte

In 1971 Salvador Dalí inaugurated Gaudifond Arte, the “most extensive and the first gallery in Spain that coordinates a number of cultural activities aimed at achieving better human coexistence,” described art critic Carlos Areán. For over thirty years, exhibitions of artists from every continent featuring works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Max Ernst, Hartung, Man Ray, Matisse, Foujita, Saura and Millares took place, as well as concerts, debates, conferences, theatrical performances, readings and presentations of books. Our collection of more than 5000 works was exhibited from Japan to the United States, and was shown at many of the major international art fairs. After three generations, our family business, featuring a fusion of tradition and avant-garde that encompasses the most important artistic movements, is thrilled to transform a small samples of our artworks into 1/1 NFT's. Enjoy!

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