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Robotica: Queen of Shadows

Robotica - Queen of Shadows.

Robotica is very symbolic. She represents the shadows of all women (Psychology: Jung stated the shadow to be the unknown dark side of the personality). Robotica is strong. She is intelligent and powerful. She can also be aggressive, temperamental and destructive. Yet she is also warm, kind, loving, loyal, generous, affectionate, playful, sensual and seductive. We all have a Robotica inside to care for us and protect us.

The mission is to integrate her into the consciousness. Let's unite and help each other to discover and recognize our strength within. Feel free to enter my #robotica Discord channel and talk about this.

Each artwork is unique and takes me weeks to create. All of Robotica’s armor is made out of metallic elements taken from airplanes, cars, motorcycles, rockets, trains, etc. Traveling is very important for me because I feel free and connected to my Robotica inside.


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