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Welcome To The Future Of Golf

We started ODIN as a come one, come all golf company with the idea of wanting everyday golfers to be a part of ODIN, have a stake in the brand equity and build their own golf brand of the future.

The Future of Golf is an NFT project by ODIN Golf consisting of unique characters featuring the typical ODIN traits. Owning a founding membership NFT gets you an awesome looking NFT but also allows you to become part of the ODIN brand, get a say in brand decisions, join events, a lifetime discount on our golf balls and other membership perks. This is your chance to get in at the ground floor of a growing golf brand that has the vision of not only becoming the brand of the everyday golfer but also building a Web3 tech platform for everyday golfers.

Learn more at and our beloved ODIN golf balls and gear are available at

Join us, and let's go balls out!

Mar 2022
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