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The End of Our World:

In a not to distance future all flowers are dead we can only enjoy them as they are created by the radiation coming off the metal doors of the shelter we call home. A new process of growing food via crystalized metals is all we have left for nutrients its been a process but we all have trained our bodies to break down the materials.

Time has been sowing down and little is known about the world outside our walls. A nuclear war brought death upon our world the end of nature as it once was.

Using a Fullscreen-Scanner:

You must collect the best specimens growing around the base floors and use your Fullscreen-scanner to document / download the DNA power composition of each flower and upload each image via the great NFT database. We sell these scans that break down the most powerful of the flowers for the highest bidder. Each new flower brings with it its own abilities to the owner of the NFT some even have the ability to let the owner live in the nuclear wasteland

Mar 2021
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