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Frost Illusion Heavenscape Collection

Frost Illusion Heavenscape Collection digital artworks were created by Daniel Allen Frost and Wenlan Hu Frost. The collection showcases an optical illusion called the Frost Illusion.

The Frost illusion was first discovered by the artists back in 2008 after Wenlan Hu Frost painted and exhibited her first painting series Chinese Calligraphy 2.0 – The Love Character Abstract Symbolism Series at the Butler Institute of American Art. She painted The Heavenscape Abstract Symbolism Series shortly afterward based on the illusion discovery to explore its visual phenomenon. After that, they created 430 digital abstract artworks as a study of the illusion. (A montage of these works resulting from this study is shown on the banner of this page.) In the following few years, they also continued with their experimentation and creation of various digital artworks. Recently, they added 278 Heavenscape pieces based on W3C colors to the collection. The collection was minted on the Polygon blockchain.


278 items