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From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu - Mosaic Art

[From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu]

Tezuka Osamu was a pioneer who established the base of manga now known as one of the most influential pop cultures. So far manga has contributed to the development of cultures all over the world, and infiltrated into a wide range of industries as well.

Now, “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu”, the digital NFT art project based on numerous manga manuscripts by Tezuka Osamu, is finally revealed as the official NFT works authorized by Tezuka Productions.

[Mosaic Art NFT]

A vast amount of manga manuscripts drawn by Osamu Tezuka were used in the creation of Mosaic Art NFT.

This art piece can be enjoyed in various ways. Seen from distance, it appeals to audience as a powerful integrated picture. Seen up close, each tiny piece gives off Tezuka’s exceptional enthusiasm for manga creation. This is one and only one art piece in the world.

Only the owner can experience the overwhelming world of Tezuka Osamu.

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