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Cosmic Safari 1/1

Welcome to the Cosmic Safari! Each NFT in this series is a character from the Cosmic Safari graphic novel. Your character might play a large role in the story, a small role, and others might just be lurking around in the background. Every NFT will tie into the story and you will get to know your character no matter how large or small their role is in the story. I currently have 70 full-color pages completed for the graphic novel! When you collect a Cosmic Safari NFT, you are providing me with the time to work toward finishing the last two chapters. All collectors who hold five different edition pieces and/or collectors who own a 1/1 will receive a signed copy of the hardcover book upon its release! (Not valid for secondary market once the books are released and have been mailed off) With each release, you will get to know the wild cast of characters and dive into the lore behind Cosmic Safari! Holders of Cosmic Safari NFts can expect to be getting some pretty awesome cosmic utility!

May 2022
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