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Fly beneath the radar of weird

This spectacular collection celebrates the fluidity of gender with the most audacious fun. Launched on 10/25/2022. After they are sold there will be a lottery with the purchasers' addresses. The prizes are as follows. 1st prize : the original oil painting that inspired the series. 2nd prize : 15 purchasers addresses will receive a signed print of their nft. 3rd prize $1,000.00 to the non profit of your choice. 4th prize: 30 white list spots for my next project . This collection was inspired by one of my paintings. One day as I walked into work, a coworker asked how I was doing. I replied "I am just flying beneath the radar of weird" She laughed and said " I can't wait to see that in you next painting." Soon after that I found the most amazing couple in a blurry courner of one of my burning man photos. The front person was sleeping on the back person. The back person had a glow stick hanging from their hat as they enjoyed the sun rise.

Oct 2022
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