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Frank Christopher Schroeder is a remodernist painter, writer and collage and crypto artist. The 'DIY (Do It Yourself)' attitude of the punk and heavy metal counterculture of the 1980s is the foundation upon which he begins to draw, paint and write poems, song lyrics and short stories.

In 1990 Schroeder takes part in his first exhibition of paintings in Los Angeles, more then twenty shows follow over the years. In 2002 he joins the Stuckists and translates their Remodernist Manifesto.

In 2013 he publishes his firts novel Like A Light In The Black, which is a homage to classic the American hardboiled literature of the 1920s and 30s.

Frank Christopher Schroeder lives and works in Munich.

Reprovoke Statement

the image is all that counts. capture the moment. no future, no past, just the present moment. no editing, no tampering, no modifications. resize and/or remove color if necessary. everything else is ego. the ego is the arch enemy of art.

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