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Fashion Freeze

The uselessness of fashion and the lifelong importance humans put on individualism. We suffocate ourselves in useless wrap thinking we will be remembered after we leave a room. All images by - Brian Heath - MAKE ME AN OFFER

I have shot fashion more than 20 years. These images are from my collection of a lifetime working in at industry. I've worked with models and designers all around the world and in that I guess I've become a bit jaded. To know that for some it can chew you up and spit you out and for some it can break even the most frugal enthusiastic shopper. I've seen ego's popped like pimples and careers shattered in seconds. Here is an ode to the reality of the love of fashion.

Each NFT is 1 of 50. All the photos and FX created and taken by me and the collectors of this collection get all the rights of NFT's as per opensea's T&C's.

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Mar 2022
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