Fallen Eclipse

Our first collection, "Fallen Eclipse," connects two centuries of traditional German craftsmanship with the latest blockchain technology. We collect antique furniture that is restored by the master carpenters in our partner workshop. These antiques were originally crafted 150-200 years ago, long before the internet, automated production lines, and even electricity. Today, they get new life by being transformed into contemporary rarities with a unique, tokenized identity. Like a metamorphosis, they change in the hands of the craftsperson — receiving a renewed character as their story continuous. As an NFT investor in these artisanal masterpieces, you can own the future history of these pieces yet to be written. Instead of representing a void digital sequence of code, your NFT will correspond to a unique physical object of real world value. At any point, you can redeem your token for the physical piece of furniture. Earn 5% royalties for a lifetime as an early adopter!

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