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Faces & Mirrors

In this work I try to describe the reflection moment that happen when somebody looks to himself in the mirror. To recognize who is he, what is his past, what are the current actions and what will be his own projection in the future.

Perhaps, at specific moments, the mirror is not a transducer element necessary. The thought by itself can eliminate the external factors to isolate the person and place him in front of different imaginary mirrors that show their different selves.

Such properly organized thoughts, can lead to developmental action as a human and the construction of her own future.

At other scenarios, it can lead to some kind of confusion and somehow failing to recognize oneself. Which can lead to some sort of personal confrontation. Such confrontations can help clear ideas and re-focus on a correct development.

Whatever the way in which you recognize yourself and your actions, you must organize ideas and resolutions, based on a balance to obtain an optimal result.



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