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Fabulous Fractals - Artist - Jeweliyana Reece

We are like particles in an infinite energy field, ebbing and flowing our way throughout the cosmos in a delicious dance of self-discovery. Although things may seem random or coincidental at times, they are not. There is perfect order and harmony underlying everything. We may not understand it all yet but when you center in your heart, you know it’s truth. This energy moves in wave patterns and toroidal spheres around and through everything from the pathway a particle takes around an atom, to the energy fields around our chakras, the earth, the milky way, even black holes and orbs. We are part of this whole, intertwined, never truly separated field of energy. We are fractals and just like a kaleidoscope reflects and refracts, everything we put out is reflected and refracted back to us. On the road to Kaleidoscopes some gorgeous mandala-like images came to life both in glass as well acrylics. I hope they bring you joy too. Jeweliyana

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Sep 2021
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