Exclusible Alpha

Exclusible is a startup that was born for the sole purpose of taking luxury brands a step further into their digital transformation by opening up the world of NFTs and its immense potential. The platform will allow collectors to access limited edition NFTs and experiences from the world's most desirable luxury brands across five verticals: fashion, watches, jewelry, beauty and supercars.


Exclusible will release their first drop on October 22nd, called the Alpha Collection. It will be the marketplace’s very own NFT project, acting as a private club access key with a wide array of privileges for all future drops from luxury brand partners. The Alpha Collection will comprise of 3,000 NFTs in total, across four distinct designs, each one representing a product segment addressed by Exclusible: fashion, watches, jewelry and beauty. Each NFT will cost 0.2 ETH and will be a 3D design with Augmented Reality capabilities.

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