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ETRE - The dream is a rebus

The artist is interested in the investigation from the soul, she wants to transport us out of earthly trifles. It refers to the utopian ideal of the earth, and the emblem of diversity shines through, especially in her alien portraits. Hers is an emotional representation; the colours are like a fall into the depths of one's unconscious. It is a hymn to the hope of change. The colorful, metaphysical cities are found in a territory halfway between the poetic and the apocalyptic, and the portrait, human or animal, are visionary. Often frontal faces face the observer where the colours are arranged in a compositional order, often linked to a very specific symbolism. Eyes sometimes sacred, sometimes mysterious, profound or absent, are an integral part of us. With a surrealist tendency, her images are full of symbols that seem to come to life in a different dimension, where dreams are reconciled in a profound and enigamatic way.

*Delivery of higher definition files on request.

Jul 2023
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