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Esylium Limited Collection

Welcome to the Esylium Lightweight 2D MMORPG Limited NTF Colletion!

Esylium like the name says is a 2D MMORPG who have a focus on the endless game progression, item trading and NO PAY To Win

Trying to bring the best of the MMORPG to a Lightweight 2D game we combined good visuals, with a simple gameplay and many concepts that worked in the past and are working in the most current games. All this in the palm of your hand. The game is currently in Open Alpha, and this NTF collection is basically to help with the development and maintenance costs of the game as it is a game aimed at the impossibility of pay to win.

We aim for a limit of 3 NFTs per item within the game. These nfts will be released seasonally depending on the game's development stages.


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