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The EBENLO NFT Collection

EBENLO - Eric Benjamin Lopez (1976) - "Painter of Song" – American Artist, works in American Surrealistic Nouveau Pop Art, and Indirect Realism Landscapes. "I was born an artist. My first masterpiece was Garfield the cat's face on a pumpkin, age 6. I learned to paint at age 16. I became an oil painter's apprentice at 21. I then joined the Air Force (USAF) at age 21. I then learned computers as a computer operator, and began illustrating on computers. Later, I would attend college as a Business Admin & Finance major. I learned to produce music in my spare time. I AM PAINTER OF SONG."

See more at: & Interact with the artist at his Discord: &

Bid with confidence! This collection is ICED! Frozen, and running on the IPFS/InterPlanetary File System. Each file gets frozen IMMEDIATELY AFTER MINTING.


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