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Earth Canvas by Marco Grassi

Earth Canvas is a collection of images that capture the Earth in its tiniest details, both in its simpler forms and more intricate patterns. Over my journey as a photographer, I’ve always been intrigued by such details and would often find myself completely rapt, looking at ordinary scenes which were in fact extraordinary.

The goal of this project is to find unique scenes that highlight how, once the Earth is reduced to a visually attractive mix of lines and colours, the mind begins to wander. Whether these images are taken while flying at several hundreds feet from the ground or just from a few inches away, the result is the feeling of being projected into another dimension. The purpose of this collection is for you to focus entirely on the harmony created by shapes and colours & forget all about the subject itself. I hope you’ll find this sense of loss in space and time by owning a piece of Earth Canvas.

Sep 2021
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