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Dnipro - Chelm

The photographs in this collection were taken during my journey on a refugee train from Dnipro to Chelm on the 10th of March 2022 approximately two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine.

This trip that usually takes around 20 hours during normal circumstances took over 36 hours. Each carriage that is usually occupied by 60 passengers was filled with 150 and in previous days up to 250 refugees.

We were seated very close to each other and took turns to rest in impossible positions. The women on the train shared stories to get distraction from the thoughts about what they left behind. The kids were playing and making friends. And their mothers tried to stay as patient as possible.

To me as an artist it was important to capture these beautiful and dramatic moments to understand my own place in these events.

I see this collection as a prequel to my collab "Life Under Construction" with Alexander Benz @abenz_nft - a more metaphorical story and shows my inner processes during my escape.

Apr 2022
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