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Deaths Eyes

There is a lot of frustration that comes with being an artist, this series is supposed to reflect some of that. Frustration, but also hope...

Art is never an easy path. We spend a lifetime refining our skills, our craft... but most artists are only able to get a job working on commercial products. Hard work goes unnoticed, years of practice, hidden behind closed doors. I've been fortunate enough to work in an industry I love - videogames - but even so, the work I have always done has only ever been my skill applied to someone else's products. The work I truly care about, my own art, is nothing more than a hobby now.

But here, for the first time ever, I'm seeing artists able to earn a proper living off their craft through NFTs. It's an exciting prospect, an exciting future, and I hope more artists find their way here.

Buyers of this genesis collection will receive first choice in all future collections.

Thank you for your support <3

Twitter: @GinaNelsonArt

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