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Dancing Kitties


About this collection

ERC 721

These kitties love their different hats! And they are dying to show them to the world. Every mint you gift a cute kitty with a hat and it won't stop dancing. Let's help this litter be happy? 🐱🐱

Each mint guarantees a spot in our events by winning lots of gifts!

Let's dance together! 💃🐱🕺

4.7% minted474 / 9,999
Give a hat to a cat!

Have you heard that cats like to sleep a lot?

Well, not these. The Dancing Kitties is a collection that doesn't stay still with their dancing! They also love their diversity of hats while reproducing these unique movements. I know, I know, when we talk about cute little dancing kittens, YOU CAN'T JUST CHOOSE ONLY ONEEEE!! 🐱🐱🐱

Did you mint yours already? 📦🐱

For every 90 Kitty Boxes minted 📦, a reveal will be made! 🐱💥

This collection is a surprise at all times! 🤩🤩 The Dancing Kitties will be revealed every 90 Kitty Boxes minted. 📦📦📦 It means that the metadata secret is always preserved and the surprise of these kittens is always guaranteed!

Let's reach the next 90 boxes together? 😻