Dali s Mustache and Other Colors

The theme of this artistic project is to pay tribute to the artist and his sharp senses. I had the revelation that the artist sees the world in an unique way as a student at the Octav Băncilă Art High School in Iași, when I realized that after long hours of study my perception had deformed and I saw everything in lines, vibrations and spots of color. In the sixteen works / chapters, I quote passages of Flemish art, I make references to neoclassical religious paintings, surrealism, I bring elements and symbols from my previous cycles. Obviously, the artist met mermaids, snails and dogs on his way, but he did not accidentally choose to tell only about the canary, fishes, ants, bottles, the butterfly, the raven, the invisible flower, the gentleman's cow, mushrooms and fire. As in a narrative of the mind, they compose a image of the major organ of the artist - imagination - so the project is about the metaphysical need of man in the spirit of which the artist becomes master.


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