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Cyber Hyenaz

The year is 2099, Earth has been digitized and all creatures have their respective ecosystems now that killing is not a requirement to eat since food is now created through code. Although, since hierarchy is the natural order in the animal kingdom, the strongest Cyber Hyenaz rule the land.

Each Hyena in Generation I is a 1/1. Generation II will be a generative collection produced by the natural mating process consisting of 10,000 brand new Cyber Hyenaz that will also be (stealth) fair launched.

Hyenas grant owners access to a secret community that helps each other make money through day trading in the markets and other investment vehicles. Owners will get lifetime access to trading signals, trading indicators, access to over 50 hours of education, and more. Hyenas owners will be granted access to our future Hyena live zoom events and future upgrades in our growing metaverse. For more info about Hyenas visit -


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