CryptOrchids are NFT flowers that live on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptOrchids are extremely sensitive and must be watered exactly every 7 days or else they die. A dead CryptOrchid cannot be sold on marketplaces like OpenSea.

CryptOrchids start as seeds - seeds don't require watering. You will need to spend a small amount of gas to germinate your seed. Germinating will randomly determine the species and start the watering cycle. You must water your CryptOrchid every 7 days after germination to keep it alive.

Only 10,000 CryptOrchids can exist at any time. When a CryptOrchid dies, it can be composted, allowing a new seed to be created and planted.

If you're interested in buying a live CryptOrchid flower on OpenSea, please visit where you can examine the specimen to determine it's age and watering window - OpenSea cannot display this important information.

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