CryptoQueen CQ-NFT (2021)

A collaboration between Artist and AI, CQ-NFT is the world’s first art project dedicated to recycling the digital waste of cryptocurrencies into art.

Building on data sets and images generated in the style of La Calavera Catrina, the Artist added images of CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova, selected shitcoin logos and statistics from $ multi-billions of crypto scams to his AI models of the Elegant Skulls, resulting in the CQ-NFT series.

9 collections of 9 original, single edition artworks - with a complementary card-format NFT. Each lot 9 NFTs consists of 1 piece from each Collection; a new lot will be offered weekly.

The Shitcoin Share: Millions of shitcoins will be accumulated from trading royalty revenues on the CrpytoQueen collections: any wallet providing proof of first ownership of all 9 pieces originals of any single CQ-NFT collection will be eligible for an equal share.

The First Lot is assigned to more than One Million SafeMoon Coins.

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