CryptoOwls | Hacking HR 2021

About CryptoOwls The CryptoOwls Hacking HR 2021 NFT collection was created by Owl's Ledge LLC founder, Trish Uhl, to commemorate panel session Tech & Human: Blending for an Effective Learning Environment at Hacking HR 2021 Global Online Conference. These CryptoOwls are the first ever HR related non-fungible tokens NFT found anywhere in the world to be used as swag for a Human Resources conference! This concept is central to Trish's Hacking HR panel participation - as adoption of tokenization as a core learning technology to support skilling employees, administering professional qualifications and badges, and providing architecture for other applications in corporate training environments rapidly gains momentum!

Inspired by this year's conference theme - Unlocking YOUR Potential - and with an homage to the CryptoPunks phenomenon, Trish announced this inaugural set of 12 CryptoOwls in a tweet posted on March 3rd, 2021.

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