Cryptokamada v.1

"Individuality to digital"

The concept of the whole series of 10 works was inspired by the fast moving and changing world which lost connection to the inner side of а human being.

We forgot about our origin and totally broke into the digital era of super speeds, superficial experience, passing connections.

This work reflects the best moments I spent with Irina. My camera captured the open atmosphere we managed to create for a couple of hours by making fun, playing with the moment and music. My work offers to spectators the series of animated collages, they convey our aura and raise the vibes of everyone who comes into contact with it.

To strengthen the impact Irina provided every piece with her unique sign wishing Love, Luck, and Kaif.
This endeavour of transmission the analog personality to digital without losing sense of live emotions is the most interesting way to explore our perception of new life.

Yours, Irina and Valeriy

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