I have been doodling in various forms over the last 10 years covering everything from 50m length walls to cars to leather jackets to well anything really that can be doodled on. The doodles are always evolving and have become as natural to me as writing and it is especially rewarding to see the creature characters come to life. Cryptodoodlz is the natural next step for them. During the Covid-19 pandemic I started doing digital portraits for free with doodles accompanying the person in the portrait. They became a monochrome style purely because it reminded me of the Keith Haring chalk drawings on the black poster spaces in the NYC subway, the image always looks alive and fresh. The doodle characters seemed to really like this format, the square space, the black and white and when I started putting artwork on OPENSEA it made sense to call them Cryptodoodlz and give them the spotlight with their own collection. Won’t be long before the colour starts coming back in.

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