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About this collection

ERC 721

CryptoBrujas embark on a mystical journey, sweeping floors and skies with her magical broom and with the help of Freddy the Cat & Mr. Mushy. You might find her in Costa Rica, London, Mars or perhaps right in the Milky Way. Her tattoos are superpowers and if you are lucky she might look at you in the eye and blink. She won't burn you, but you might have to.

CryptoBrujas is a generative collection of 1111 Brujas in an exquisite merge of photography, artificial intelligence, illustration and top level animation. With more than 333 intentional layers, including more than 20 tattoos, 6 Auras that change the skin tone & make up, special gains and the iconic CryptoEyes.

A fun Spring/Summer 2023 collection by OMBRUJA, celebrating crypto-culture and the empowering rise of the Bruja movement.

The spirit of pop art in CryptoBrujas is your 90's poster in the blockchain.

9.6% minted107 / 1,111
Inside the Collection

Tattoos have ancestral impact with meaning behind their symbolism that bring protection and guidance. The tattoos are Bruja's SuperPowers.

There are 6 Auras that change her skin tone & make up, watch out for the lipgloss.

The animations bring magic to your digital collectible! all CryptoBrujas have an active constellation in her leg tattoo with a Zodiac Sign. Animation might or might not appear in the wheel of your shopping cart, the butterfly, Crypto Eyes, Halo and in the form of glitch & sketch.

Video Music by "Kablamo" song: Intro

Intentional Layers

"Intentions" is how we call the backgrounds, they offer a word or two, perhaps a sentence of power intention: "Bravery", "Walk of Love" & "Sweep with Grace".

Your shopping cart might or might not come with Gains. Rare ones include a Bruja Coin: gold or silver, look closer, is the Magical Wheel of the Year!

Mr.Mushy might come along for the ride and share his wisdom. He keeps Brujas connected to their spiritual sovereignty to be able to fly up high!

Freddie the Cat is an adventurous friend, he believes in high risks equal high rewards. You'll see him flying across the cosmos in search of abundance.

What Floor will you Sweep?

CryptoBrujas are here to shop magic, sweep floors, skies and burn sh*it up.

What Floor will you Sweep? Remember: Bruja's come in 3's! that's the magic number. Play the video: inhale with the "OM" exhale with "BRUJA" and make a wish.

CryptoBrujas is the first generative collection to include "Model" under the collection's properties giving credit to the talent, in this case 100% OMBRUJA.

Your support is the entrance to the OMBRUJA ecosystem, a mark in a new era, of decentralized multi-disciplinary art. Thank you being here!

No commercial rights are given with the purchase of the art.